What to expect with an estimate

What to expect with an estimate

Asking for an estimate can be tricky.  Who do I call?  What should I expect?  Do contractors charge for an estimate?


Getting an estimate from a reputable company, such as IBI Construction, is easy.  Best of all, your estimates are always FREE!   Reputable companies will be licensed, bonded, insured and hold a current CCB certificate.

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There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re seeking an estimate from any contractor.  First, when conducting online searches, many contractors undervalue or miscalculate the actual cost of your project.  Unfortunately, many are purposeful in underbidding and additional, potentially large, unforeseen costs will be incurred by the homeowner.  This negates any attempts at savings sought by a client.  These additional costs may be presented to a client as a change order but should have been included in the original scope.  True change orders are only presented for unforeseen damages.  A qualified and experienced contractor will provide value-added ideas and options to your original remodel vision.


  • Does an estimate cover all the work your project needs?

Your estimate should cover all areas of your project that concern you.  Additionally, an estimator (construction expert) will be able to bring to your attention items not known to a home or business owner.  This should include any permits, or related costs, as needed for your project.

  • Do you see anything added to your estimate that you do not understand or wasn’t explained?

Although it is common to see something that might say “equipment costs” or various parts,” it is not good business practice to provide ambiguous items or costs that do not include a detailed explanation.

  • Did the estimate discuss your project, in-depth, and explain why certain unanticipated repairs may be needed?

Your estimator should never be in a hurry to gather details and provide an estimate.  The estimators at IBI Construction take the time to make sure they understand your needs and concerns.  They listen, and care, and strive to make you feel comfortable in confident in your project.  This is reflected in an estimate that is fair and reasonably priced.

  • Was your estimator upfront about the costs and timelines?

We often hear from prospective clients that their projected “ended up costing so much more” than anticipated.  There is always the possibility of unexpected, or hidden, damage to a home, such as dry rot.  If this is found, it should be discussed with you immediately.  No repairs should be made without full disclosure of the change order and cost and written approval by the home or business owner.

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You can call today and let the experts at IBI Construction give you an estimate based on your current commercial or residential needs.


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