People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves

IBI Construction demonstrated outstanding communication skills.  They were happy to go over any questions – throughout the design, demo and build process.  They were easy to work with, demonstrated a great attitude and were very accommodating considering the fact that we were living on the job-site during the process.

– Ms. Reichow and Mr. Nichols



I have never had a problem with the quality of work and they always meet or exceed my expectations, for all these reasons I trust IBI Construction and I recommend them highly.  If you are looking to have a low stress experience on a construction project, residential or commercial, these are the folks for you.

– Mr. Anawalt


I was thoroughly impressed with everyone at IBI Construction.  Not only do they do quality work, but the staff and workmen were friendly and professional.  IBI kept me informed throughout the whole remodel process and I was never left wondering what was going to happen next or when the job would be complete.  Once the job was complete, I was left with what felt like an entirely new home.  It felt wonderful!

– Ms. Lawrence


IBI Construction was a surprise I wasn’t expecting. My last contractor was continually late, and their communication was very poor. IBI recreated my wife’s bathroom into a spa and her closet looks like a showroom from a high-end department store.

The salesman was wonderful to work with and was very “no pressure”. The crew that came out was professional, and to my surprise they didn’t spend time goofing off and were extremely quiet around our house. There was none of that foul language or rowdy horse play I’ve seen in the past.

We plan on having them come out over the summer and build a guest room addition! If you’re looking for a fast and reliable contractor IBI is the company for you!

-Stan Johnson