But, first let me get my safety glasses…

But, first let me get my safety glasses…

 Safety and IBI Construction

At IBI, we like to stay on the cutting edge of the emerging technology in the construction industry. Safety on the job site never changes but technologies and techniques do. IBI Construction prides itself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to safety on our job sites.


Let’s talk a little about safety on the job sites.


But, first, let me get my safety glasses


Every week is started with a safety meeting. We talk to our team about the work to be performed that day, go over the details, and most importantly check our gear to make sure it has no wear and tear that keeps it from being used or stops work. This gear can be our safety glasses, reflective vests or jackets, and the ropes & harnesses.

Safety Meeting
Our Morning Safety Meeting

We check our ladders for any damage, we walk the site ahead of time in order to make sure the area is safe to work in, and we work one on one with each team member as needed to train them on how to identify an area or piece of equipment isn’t safe.


Here are three ways we make our work sites safer


TrainingIBI Employee

Training is the fundamental, driving force behind occupational health and safety. Through training, employees learn how to perform their jobs correctly and with care, and how to identify and respond to safety hazards should they unexpectedly arise. As part of making safety a workplace priority, training needs to extend beyond initial hire training.


We lead by example

Our project managers, superintendents, and managers follow the same safety protocol we put in place to keep our team safe. Employees only take workplace safety as seriously as their leaders. Our team captains take an active role in safety meetings, ensure equipment repairs or replacements are turned around quickly, post necessary safety information in conspicuous places, and make it clear that your door is always open to discuss safety concerns.


Accountability is important

In order for safety to remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind, each person employed at your company must be aware of precisely what is expected of them, and what the consequences are should they fail to meet those expectations. This falls not only on employees in their day-to-day operations but on supervisors and managers as well in making sure they do their part in enforcing safety rules at work.


A final thought

Every cog has a place in the machine that runs your business. Like a garden, safety should always be tended to. Our team and our customers are important. This is why IBI Construction takes such great steps in making sure safety is the #1 priority on every job site.